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  • Brad Mattson

New Cooling Tower for Coca-Cola Consolidated HQ

When the nation's largest Coca-Cola bottler needed a new cooling tower for their Charlotte Corporate Center, they knew that the company's long-time HVAC service partner Redblue was up to the task.

Like many of the office buildings in Charlotte's South Park area, the building is conditioned using water source heat pumps (WSHPs) that are ceiling-mounted throughout the facility. Each WSHP conditions a specific area, or zone, and is individually thermostat-controlled. Air from each zone circulates through the WSHP where heat is exchanged (added or removed) per the thermostat setting. In the warmer months, water piped throughout the building absorbs heat from each WSHP's refrigerant circuit, transferring it back to the roof-mounted tower. There it is released into the atmosphere through an evaporative cooling process. In the cooler winter months, the cycle works in reverse.....but that's a lesson for another day.

For employee and passer-by safety, the Evapco tower was replaced during a weekend when the building was unoccupied. All steps of the replacement process were thoroughly planned in advance and, as always, extensive precautions were taken to ensure the safety of everyone involved. Congratulations on your new tower, Coca-Cola Consolidated!

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