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Remarkable Solutions Available for Obsolete, Neglected Systems

If your HVAC system needs to be replaced, Redblue will work with you to upgrade your system in the most cost-effective manner.  Our projects team can also work with you, before that day comes, so you can be budgeting and prioritizing ahead of time for this eventual need.   

Our staff is cross-trained and certified to service, install and upgrade a wide variety of systems. Because Redblue purchases in large annual quantities from most HVAC manufacturers, we qualify for discounts that many smaller contractors cannot match.     

Unlike OEM service providers, we are not affiliated with (and therefore restricted to) products for any individual manufacturer.  We only recommend equipment solutions that best fit the needs of our clientele and have a wide variety of products and solutions from which to choose.  Our projects team keeps up with the latest products and technologies to ensure that your new equipment will operate, communicate and withstand the elements as reliably and efficiently as possible for years and years to come.  

With Redblue, you’ll never be backed into a corner when it comes to upgrading or replacing your existing systems.


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Upstate SC Office

1416 Center Park Drive

Charlotte, NC   28217

Tel: 704-523-5010

Fax: 704-523-2030

49 Foster Street

Spartanburg, SC  29301

Tel: 864-583-1290

Fax: 864-574-5252


To apply for a job with Redblue, please send a brief cover letter along with your resume to:

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