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Meet Redblue’s Service Coordinator, Skyler Marchon! 

Skyler was born in Sarasota, Florida, and lived in the Sunshine State through the age of 18 before moving to the Charlotte area.  Skyler’s dad worked for Universal Studios so she and her three older siblings got to regularly enjoy the theme park while growing up and see it morph from a single facility to the soon-to-be four park megaplex that it is today.

Skyler lives in Union County and is the proud “parent” of two awesome mutts, Shadow and Shelby, who really enjoy their weekend camping and off-roading adventures with Skyler and her boyfriend of two years, Matt.

One of Skyler’s cool hobbies is restoring, customizing and testing the limits of her 2011 Jeep Wrangler, Daphne….”the only original modification left is the rear bumper”!

More often than not, Skyler’s lovely voice is the one you hear when you call Redblue’s service line.  She schedules and dispatches our team of NC-based technicians and researches, prepares and coordinates the majority of our repair quotes.  We’re psyched that she’s a (critical) member of our Charlotte HQ Team!    

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