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Building Automation Technology Can Slash Energy Costs

Energy-saving mechanical control and building automation technology can be significant factors in helping companies achieve cost reduction goals. With today’s amazing technology, automation of a building’s heating and air system is just the tip of the iceberg.


Today’s advanced systems for integrating, controlling and automating a facility’s mechanical and lighting can significantly reduce energy costs. In many cases, system upgrade costs can be quickly recovered in energy savings alone.

Factories, offices and other types of industrial facilities needing to shave pennies wherever possible are increasingly turning to this type of technology to remain competitive in a global marketplace that demands these types of efficiencies. Redblue’s expertise, extensive product access, and commitment to providing sensible, economical solutions to mechanical needs are valuable assets in our customers’ pursuit of value creation.

Determining the best control system for a specific environment can be challenging, which is why Redblue’s integration, automation & control team is trained to service, install and upgrade a huge variety of automation systems.

Newer controls featuring today’s hottest automation technology can cool off maintenance and repair costs while reducing energy costs. Plus, Redblue offers conversion devices that allow components to be integrated with newer systems. This makes transitioning to newer, more efficient systems much more affordable.


To explore how today’s advanced HVAC controls can be integrated with current systems to curb costs and increase profits, contact Redblue’s automation team and inquire about having our experts conduct a controlled-energy study free of charge.

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