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In the Carolinas, HVAC systems are in operation pretty much any time buildings are occupied.  


Is that 2,500 hours per year for your business?  5,000?  8,000?  Businesses operate however many hours they need to so that profits are maximized.  That can't necessarily be controlled.  Weather conditions cannot be controlled.  OSHA, FDA, and other government-regulated temperature and ventilation requirements cannot be controlled.  Equipment selection, operating schedules and maintenance practices can be controlled and this is where a partnership with Redblue pays huge dividends.

For 30+ years, Redblue has been helping commercial and industrial facilities to minimize their long-term HVAC-related operating costs.  You won't find a service provider with a more comprehensive HVAC preventative maintenance program.  None of our peers have better client and employee retention.  We're a good way.


Redblue is privately owned and operated, so we're never in a position to have to "nickel and dime" clients to force short-term profits.  Process, policy and pricing decisions always focus on what benefits our partnerships in the long-term.

   Has the same technician been maintaining your equipment from day one?
   Does your technician review all completed tasks and findings with you after every service inspection?
   Do all technicians responding to service calls at your facility have a minimum of 10 years of commercial HVAC experience?
   Are you 100% confident that your HVAC service provider is capable, thorough, honest and fair?

With Redblue, the answer to all of these questions would be a resounding YES.


Dig a little deeper, ask around, call'll see what makes Redblue different and why our employee and client turnover is virtually zero.  It's because we treat our employees and clients like family.  There's room at the table for more....won't you join us?

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Upstate SC Office

1416 Center Park Drive

Charlotte, NC   28217

Tel: 704-523-5010

Fax: 704-523-2030

49 Foster Street

Spartanburg, SC  29301

Tel: 864-583-1290

Fax: 864-574-5252


To apply for a job with Redblue, please send a brief cover letter along with your resume to:

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