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Managing Risk

With Redblue’s proactive preventative maintenance programs, the risk of mechanical system downtime is minimized.  This is a critical concern for many customers because the perils of downtime extend far beyond repair costs, which are usually urgent and therefore extremely costly.

In addition to cost, downtime carries another set of risks for most companies – lost manufacturing production, employee productivity, damaged inventory, reduced sales and customer discomfort.


Minimizing the risk of downtime is therefore a critical concern for many businesses – and is why Redblue developed an approach that focuses on preventative maintenance instead of reactive repairs.


Dependability, savings and support are the biggest reasons commercial, industrial and mechanical customers turn to Redblue.

Downtime Hardships & Catastrophes

Some of the potential hardships that can be associated with a non-working mechanical system include:

  • Massive product or inventory spoilage (raw goods, organic goods, perishable goods, manufactured goods)

  • Digital data and sensitive equipment jeopardized by climate fluctuations (computers, electronics, pneumatics, thermal devices)

  • Delicate or hazardous materials (semiconductors, chemicals, biological material & waste, nuclear material & waste

In addition to these types of catastrophic risks from downtime, many more businesses and organizations face severe hardship potential from things such as:

  • Lost productivity (immediate, recurring and trickle-down impact on staff and collaborative team members beyond the immediate facility)

  • Annoyed, dissatisfied, even imperiled tenants or customers

  • Ancillary property damage (carpeting, flooring, sub-flooring, walls, furniture, ceilings, etc)


Benefits of Preventative Maintenance

The benefits of preventative maintenance over reactive repairs are numerous, starting with improved system reliability, efficiency, which reduces energy costs and headaches.

With each of our Five Levels of Preventative Maintenance – Redblue provides customers with a fixed, budgeted cost that reduces, minimizes or totally eliminates (depending upon the plan) the risk of unexpected repair costs.

Preventing unexpected repair costs is a core goal for Redblue because system repairs are typically much more costly than preventive maintenance.

A Different Perspective

Redblue views repair services (particularly emergency repairs) as an opportunity to win new customers.

Restoring life and vitality to a broken mechanical system is often our team’s first opportunity to demonstrate the difference between Redblue and other mechanical service providers.

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