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Tremendous electricity & maintenance savings, better light quality and huge rebates

Do you notice a variety of light levels and colors when you walk through your facility?

Fluorescent and HID lamps are quickly becoming obsolete.  The nuisance and costs associated with their energy consumption, heat and noise output, light inconsistency, and maintenance requirements are avoidable thanks to LED lighting technologies.

Since 2010, Redblue has been helping businesses to upgrade their inefficient interior and exterior lighting.  Factoring in available utility rebates, as well as IRS Section 179 tax incentives, and LED conversion projects typically pay for themselves in fewer than 24 months and provide 10-year net annualized returns of 16-25%!

Replacing ceiling-mounted fixtures is costly, wasteful and labor-intensive.  It also requires securing all new fixtures with suspension cabling per updated building codes.  Retrotting existing troffers is a much better alternative.  

Let us show you the math.


The High Intensity Discharge (HID) lights commonly used in factories, warehouses, gyms and a variety of exterior applications are much less efficient, consistent and long-lasting than LED fixtures with comparable light output.  We’ll select and install fixtures best suited for your space and lighting needs.

Redblue, as a certified Midstream Contractor in the Duke Energy Smart$aver Incentive Program, helps to maximize your project’s rebate-eligibility.  We are authorized to pre-approve your incentive payments and discount your capital project up front.  No paperwork, no uncertainty, no risk and no 3-4 month wait for reimbursement.


Cut your electricity consumption, stop paying electricians and/or your staff to replace bulbs and ballasts, and enjoy higher quality, consistent, quiet, instant-on, reliable lighting through an LED conversion. Consult with our experts today!

Upstate SC Office

1416 Center Park Drive

Charlotte, NC   28217

Tel: 704-523-5010

Fax: 704-523-2030

49 Foster Street

Spartanburg, SC  29301

Tel: 864-583-1290

Fax: 864-574-5252


To apply for a job with Redblue, please send a brief cover letter along with your resume to:

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