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  • Brad Mattson

Redblue Lighting completes 175th LED conversion project

Redblue's Lighting team recently completed our 175th LED project with the conversion of two Pineville flex space warehouses (one shown before and after below) from metal halide HID dome lights to LED high bays. Some of the benefits of this project included:

  • higher light levels (22-28 FC after vs. 8-13 FC before)

  • much lower electricity consumption (160 watts per fixture vs. 400)

  • more consistent light level and color throughout the space

  • less heat output from fixtures

  • fixtures turn on instantly (vs. several minute HID warmup time) and do not buzz

  • 5 year fixture warranty and zero expected maintenance (for which a rental lift had been required) for 50,000+ operating hours

  • $1760 Duke Energy rebate, which reduced the project payback period to approximately 9 months and increased the 10 year annualized ROI to a very impressive 32.7%

after (with nine 160W LED high bays)

before (with nine 400W HID lamps)

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